Equipment Recovery Services

Industry experience has shown that the sooner we reach disconnected subscribers, the better the results.

Etan Industries’ business model is rooted in cable television We know what a challenge it can be to recover equipment after service termination. In response to this challenge, Etan has developed Equipment Recovery Services®, the most comprehensive equipment recovery package on the market. Last year, ERS returned more than $150 million in receivers, DVRs and modems to our cable clients.

Equipment Recovery Services Includes:

Outbound Calls
ERS-dedicated agents call disconnected subscribers to give them convenient return locations and the option to receive a free, postage-paid shipping container. Multiple call cycles are made to connect with the subscriber at different points in the day and week. Reminder messages are left throughout the 60-day program.

Skip Tracing and Address Verification
Following the calling campaign, all non-right-party contacts are subject to skip tracing and address verification. The goal is to find the former subscriber — even if they have moved outside the system’s service area — and present them with easy, no-cost return options.

Customized Letter Campaign
Not every subscriber is reachable by phone, so the ERS program includes a targeted mail campaign to increase contact results. Multiple letters document the type and value of the outstanding equipment, outline return options and provide toll-free contact information, as well as IVR and web-based self-serve options on the ERS website.

Inbound Customer Support
Subscribers receive a dedicated toll-free telephone number to reach ERS customer service representatives who are available six days a week. Agents remind callers of their obligation to either return or pay for the outstanding assets and provide return solutions. After hours, subscribers can access return information and instruction. They can even order a postage-paid return kit over the ERS interactive IVR or at (web address).

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